About Us

We are a team of young, ambitious and adventurous persons who revive the tradition of Böckl riding with elegance.

Our team currently consists of 10 riders, which enjoy their everyday life with Böckl riding on the Plan de Corones. The team was founded back in 2010 in Olang, which is a small village in South Tyrol. In 2018 the Red Bocks (another Böckl team) joined us.

Currently we participate in a lot of races and competitions, including the Bock and Klumper World Championships. Additionally we also do shows.

History Of The Böckl

Although it is believed that people from Olang are the first riders under the sun, the Böckl was "invented" a few times independently of each other. Worldwide there are 15 patents on the device "skid on a skate". The oldest patent, which is similar to the original Kufen-Böckl from Olang, dates in 1914, registered in the Patent Office of Washington, USA. Another patent of the Böckl (also called Jack Jumping in the US and Klumper in Austria) was registered in the US, in 1963. The first patent in Europe comes from the Federal Intellectual Property Office in 1939. In Olang the Böckl appeared for the first time in 1945. It has emerged from the need to find alternatives to the then still expensive tobogganing. And so they made their way to a simple mobile pedestal to get to school faster or at least more comfortable in the winter. Also carrying the Böckl was much more comfortable than pulling a toboggan over the narrow paths. A first bloom of this device existed in the mid-50s in Geiselsberg, where the first races were held.