Briefly About Us

Our team is one of the best and most famous Böckl teams in the world.


  • Bock WM 2013Good results at the World Championships In 2013 in Olang.
  • Tough trainingThree hard training sessions per week on the challenging slopes of the Plan de Corones.
  • Years of experienceThe Böckl team has been around for years with many experienced riders.

Our Philosophy

Dedication, elegance and skill, these words describe the concept, that every one in the team is following. These traits also go into the driving skills of the riders and thus reinforce the skills, which is supported by talent.

If one considers the impressive history of the Böckl, it becomes clear how difficult it is to be able to handle such a "device". For this reason, we are the best Böckl team in the world.

In The Near Future


The Locknfest is waiting for us. That will be fun!


Our team gets new T-shirts and clothes.